Party poppers!

I’ve seen many party poppers in the stores, markets, as time passed. Bought a few, had some parties that included party poppers. I recently discovered a small trick that will help you make a party popper manually. The trick is explained by 5 minutes crafts, on facebook.

For 1 party popper, you will need:

  • 1 colored baloon (any color you want – pink or green or yellow or… )
  • 1 plastic glass or paper glass (the one you use when you drink a Cappuccino ;))
  • colored paper for confetti

Cut the balloon in half .

Carefully cut the plastic glass with the scissors to remove the bottom of the glass.

Place the balloon ‘s opening over the end of the glass.

Cut the colored paper in small pieces and make confetti.

Pull the balloon back and snap it, so it sends confetti up in the air!





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