Mad Max

Some sort of movie review  ( it’s just a personal comment). I spent the whole week thinking of what movie I was going to watch. When the weekend finally came, I took the decision : Mad Max – Fury Road. What made me take the decision? I read some news about Tom Hardy (you know, the guy that played Bane in the Dark Knight Rises – uh huh, unlike the villain, Tom Hardy is very communicative, nice and loves animals )  Then, it was the trailer. If I like the trailer, I get tempted to watch the movie. Now you’re probably wondering if I expected Tom Hardy to play a villain. Yes and no. Yes, because I expected producers to work with cliches. No, because I knew that Tom could bring up the good and the virtues on the screen.

Mad Max started like an Apocalypse movie. First with Max in the dessert , then all those scenes of madness, with poor and hungry people going to get water from a tyrant and his group of skin headed marionettes . As for the tyrant, as I got deeper and deeper into the movie, I started wondering if the producers wanted to take Tom as this villain in their cast crew (some elements the tyrant and Bane had in common).

I liked Furiosa , played by Charlize Theron (This was impressing , something totally different from what I had seen in the past in this brilliant actress’ characters) – strong, ambitious , fighting for hope to the end of her resources .  The last word before she fell exhausted was ‘Home’ . Besides, I did like all the women in this movie. Very feminist figures. Charlize did impress me, she gave me the feeling that she gave all her best in this character . She gave Furiosa a deep, rough , strong personality. She fought for the good she’d known before she’d been captured. She fought because she refused to believe that the good was gone forever, that the green was lost completely. When the hope is lost for a moment, she falls on her kneels and screams , but the end isn’t here. Max is the one who takes care of her when she collapses , reveals his name and finally  brings her back on her feet.

The dessert, the rocky scenery , the blue nights made me think of National Geographic magazine photos and expeditions. The producers made a good work with these.  I won’t restrain myself from mentioning the fact that some scenes were very fast, very dynamic to the point where I had the impression that they were part of a computer game. With all these, I said: Wow! This is a huge budget movie! I don’t know how the old fans of the Mad Max series feel about Fury Road, but George Miller did a brilliant job. Take it from someone who isn’t a fan of this type of movies (one-hour motorcycle and car chase, computer games -like effects, insane music ). I could watch this type of movie for more than 2 hours , which means that it was brilliant!

The end of this movie made me think a lot… especially a certain quote that comes like a definition to the entire movie. I don’t want to think that in the future there are no flowers, like some chroniclers said. But one thing is certain: those skin headed men were marionettes. The evil was not in them. The evil was in their insane dictator. These creatures were just brain washed.



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