April 18th

April 18th is a day that marks some events in the history.

First of all, in 1521, Martin Luther has been questioned by Cardinal Alexander in the Parliament of worms, in front of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V,  soon after he has been excommunicated by the Roman Catholic Church. The painter Anton von Werner depicted this event in his impressing artwork called “Luther in the Parliament to Worms”. Later in May , the Parliament installs the edict against the German monk.April 18th is a very important day , since it is part of Martin Luther’s trial, a trial that marked the dawn of the modern world.

Also, this important day marks the anniversary of Thomas Cromwell , a man of low birth, son of a blacksmith and cloth merchant , born in Putney around the year 1485, who captured the Cardinal Wolsey’s attention a few years after his return from Italy and the Low Countries. Cromwell became one of the most important political men in Henry VIII’s England, helped the Monarch in the matters regarding the divorce from Catherine of Aragon , raised then destroyed Anne Boleyn, engineered and built strong legislative basis in England and Reformation . Many would say that the Keeper of the Privy seal had fallen from Henry VIII’s favour because of the marriage to Anne of Cleves , the fourth wife of Henry VIII, known as ‘the Flanders mare’ . Surprisingly, Henry VIII appointed Cromwell Earl of Essex  and created him Lord Great Chamberlain in April 18th 1540, soon after the divorce.



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