Baby child

You can’t help but smile when you see a baby child standing up slowly and starting to walk , with slow steps, uncertain, a bit scared, gigling when Mama or Papa encourages them to make one more step, one more step, clapping heir hands…
Dreamweaver is a good tool for those who want to create amazing websites, it offers many options and an amazing interface with the user.
But what a gret challenge comes when you think of making pages by yourself, trying to understand the language that’s written on the code page, by simply using just a text editor! Like a child , when you are going to discover a new thing, look a bit scared, narrow your eyebrows, feel the small hairs on your skin raising.
When I was just a child, I loved Hans Christian Andersen’s tales. How he made simple things seem great and lovely! How he gathered things that apparently had nothing to do with each other together! One of his stories I fell in love with was the Snowman.
The image below is a screenshoot of a simple HTML page with CSS code included. Apparently, it’s nothing in comparison to the pages that spread the Inernet nowadays, but for me it’s a small step in CSS I have made using just the text editor and nothing else.
For the beginning, I found it lovely to see one of Hans Christian Andersen’s stories on the first page I made using CSS written by me.
And now, I’ll quote a small song I read in the little story called “Snow Man”

Come from your fragrant home, green thyme;
Stretch your soft branches, willow-tree;
The months are bringing the sweet spring-time,
When the lark in the sky sings joyfully.
Come gentle sun, while the cuckoo sings,
And I’ll mock his note in my wanderings.


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