New and old days

In a world full of terrifying news, where reporters and journalists present or post information about violence, crimes, terrorism, unemployment , economical and social crisis, you wonder where or even how to spend a few moments of relaxation, watching something new that could change your day at least a bit.

Americans watch Showtime every Sunday evening. The channel presents the Borgias, an amazing series about the Borgias family and the Italian history in the late 15th century and the beginning of the 16th century. Beautiful ladies, wearing colorful and sophisticated gowns, obliged by their families to marry powerful men in order to unite their families or even to have access to more power. The intrigues and conflicts around the important positions ,like the Papal throne or between the most important leaders in Europe.

Also, the BBC Channel’s website presents interesting information about history. I have found a few pdf files that invite us to close our eyes and imagine the world as it was in the past. I made the experience with a pdf about the Ancient world and it was amazing. I closed my eyes and could imagine myself wearing leather or furry clothes. I could hear no sound of radio or cars or mobile phone, but the sound of the growing grass, blossoming trees, the dancing flames of a fire, a hammer hitting a nail over a wooden surface. A simpler, healthier world, where human was more united with the nature.

Now, as I spoke about all these , let’s return to the actual facts and events. The evolution of technology is evident , from the computer you sit in front of right now to sophisticated alarm systems, powerful cars and the buildings of banks and multinational companies. Things have changed. But have the mentalities of humans changed? You will probably be surprised to find out that there are many things that haven’t changed. There are still Christians that don’t really have any idea about the difference about Christmas and Easter. The main goal is still the maximum profit and the risk of a big war still exists. There are still many lies that are sold through traditional or modern mass media.


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